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Sri Lanka would get back on track again to become a tourist hotspot

The Times of London has expressed the hope that Sri Lanka would get back on track again to become a tourist hotspot by next year despite the current Coronavirus situation, with the headline ‘Ideas for 2021 – Sri Lanka’s beautiful South’.

The article by Jenny Coad appeared in yesterday’s print and online editions of the Times. ‘The week before last I was in Sri Lanka and the trip already feels like something from a different age, although the memory of the warmth, the light, the beauty and, yes, the sounds of the island will sustain me through the coming weeks and months of enforced non-travel,’ Coad writes.

Sri Lanka was already on the top of must-visit destinations of several publications including Lonely Planet and all British newspapers have been promoting Sri Lanka regularly.

A large number of tourists still remain in Sri Lanka in spite of the Coronavirus situation and the Government and tourism authorities are making arrangements to send them back to their home countries.

Tourism in Sri Lanka rebounded remarkably swiftly from the aftermath of the Easter bombings of 2019, along with the introduction of a free arrival visa facility.


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