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“Ella is one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka and I consider it a great privilege to be asked to design in such a pristine landscape.

The natural contours of the site echo the unique topography of the area and the stream that flows through it simply enhances its natural beauty. Inspired by this our vision for the project was to create simple, elegant structures with large terraces and Green flat roofs that gave the occupant the ability to be a part of all the natural beauty around them whilst also enjoying the best in design & comfort.

Free from all unwanted embellishments the purity of Structure contrasts beautifully with the organic forms found all around it creating a delicate balance that rejuvenates both Body & Spirit.”

– Architect, Philip Weeraratne

Designed by the award winning team of architects at PWA architects led by Philip Weeraratne and Ravindu Karunanayake, each villa is masterfully crafted to encapsulate the treasures of nature. The meticulously conscientious design of each villa enables a free flow of crisp clean air while natural light sources stream into a spacious open setting with an individually curated interior. What ensues is a truly magnificent masterpiece tailor-made to reflect simple grandeur that seamlessly merges into the environment. The villas create an ambience of total intimacy where one can rest, refresh and reconnect with oneself or another in the stillness of the forest.