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a paradise tucked away

The mystical town of Ella, located 1,041 meters above sea level is a three and a half hour drive East of Colombo as it hosts many hidden treasures of Sri Lanka. Retaining its absolute seclusion, the villas are located approximately one kilometer into the forest off the Wellawaya – Ella Highway, 12 minutes to Ella town. A scenic drive, one may experience unique local gastronomy, stop by any tea shop on the side of the road located at stunning view points and enjoy a hot cup of Sri Lankan tea with loved ones.

Hike through virgin unexplored forests and stroll through spectacular Sri Lankan tea plantations while observing the most exquisite views of Ella. Its well-renowned landmark the Nine Arches Bridge attracts tourists from across the globe to admire its stunning colonial architecture.

Ella is the proud home of the Ravana Falls, Ravana’s Cave and Little Adams Peak located a 45 minute walk from the Ella Town to the foot of the mountain. As world renowned as Ella is what is truly remarkable is that much of it remains unexplored, waiting to be discovered. From hidden nooks of cafes such as Café Chill Ella, amazing restaurants serving up some five star cuisines, to the truly luxurious and relaxing experiences offered at Vyan Villas, Ella has a selection of adventures and excursions that are yours to choose. Ella is also home to Sri Lanka’s first ever zip-line, the Flying Ravana and many such adventure sports. The attraction is bound to satiate the adrenaline cravings of purist adventurers.

The little town of Ella truly resembles paradise with its flourishing tea plantations, mountains, waterfalls, picturesque scenery and the most refreshing air to breathe. It is the ideal location to watch the sunrise on a roof terrace of our villas with a cup of chamomile tea and rest, recover and rejuvenate one’s soul.

Ella with its centralized location is never too far from any place in Sri Lanka you wish to visit. With its temperature never rising beyond a maximum of 26 degrees year round, you would still be able to experience a chilly morning breeze in stunning Ella.

Whether you opt to scale up Little Adams Peak, chase waterfalls, take a winding train ride through the Demodara Loop, explore the legendary Ravana Cave or walk through plush green tea estates – experience the town of Ella, a paradise tucked away in the very heart of this magical island!

Nine Arches Bridge

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Ravana Falls

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Photo by Buwaneka Boralessa from Pexels

Ella Rock

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Little Adam's Peak

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Photo by Bcd4e6 from wikimedia

Ravana Cave

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Photo by Nelliwinne from wikimedia

Diyaluma Falls

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Photo by SarangaRodrigo from wikimedia